Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"..coz im leaving on a jetplane..."

Dear Diary,
I'm leaving on a jetplane tonite.... spending the holiday in Egypt ;)
im flying flying~~~
will be back in a week. i c u soon.muaks!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Dear Diary,
Quoting from SATC-
"Life's too short. What are we doing?"
"I don't knoe....."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I can't afford a walk in least lemme giv u my tree house."

Dear Diary,
I juz bought a tree-hanger to put my bags ..and handbags. Finally. I always wanted to buy this but its so hard to find one,except the one in the Furniture Bazaar which is quite expensive (~RS1900 i think.).luckily i found one in a furniture shop yesterday,on my way back to my apartment. bought it for RS750 = i think its more than worth it! nw i can make more space for new clothes in my closet. ;) uhuh??

my 1st attempt to arrange the bags--
i named it --Bag-Tree-House. hohoho. it seems like a lil bit overcrowded,dun u think?
Align Center2nd attempt
3rd attempt
my 4th and last attempt--erk.stil full.but Okayyy~

Status: satisfied. =)

Song playing on iTunes now: In The Ayer-Florida

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"You're way too beautiful,boi"

Dear Diary,

I purposely (tanpa rase bersalahnye) bunk morning class today :P (muke jahat). got up at 8.30am,woke up by the incoming msg from my sis.
Sis: "im pregnant for 1 1/2 mths!!!"
(my second sister who was married in Jan)
i jumped out of the bed,and tersenyum sendiri~tersengih2 macam kerang busok.aha. i AM SOOO HAPPY that i cant feel my legs touching the ground! im gonna be Auntie in 8-months time!! (oh well...i am indeed a preexisting Untie having 2 hensem nephews who called me by the name "Kakak U",they refused to call me "Cik Su" tho.) haha. i'm young, i'm young!!
The first one (AQIF DANIAL) call me KAKAK U bcoz me and my First sis(aqif's mom) used to membahasakan ourselves "YOU" and "I". so, i guess, aqif overheard us,and since that he starts calling me KAKAK U! =) The second one (AFIQ IMRAN)...not yet able to call ppl's name,except words like air,air,air~haha.he always asking for water when eating his cute,and noty!
ok ok.goin back to my 2nd sis, i am happy for u!! cant wait to go back and c the change~ ;)
Meet Baby Afiq >>>>

and here's Aqif Danial.>>>

(similarities of all the above 3 pics : muka nakal gilerrr) hehe

like nephew like kakak U.mata kiri dua dua same sepet kan. =P

p/s: "All babies are cute."


Song on iTunes now:Smack That-Akon

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Holiday is no longer so-called holiday"

Dear Diary,
Tmrw is GoOd FriDay,which is supposed to be holiday.but not for a final yr student like me.
why cant life be any easier?


Song on iTunes now: Sexyback - Justin T.

"Yesterday was a cry,today was a smile"

Dear Diary,
1) i juz let myself cried out yesterday after watching an episode of Greys Anatomy.
the episode is sooo emotional.

we hav to make decisions
we hav to choose between choices
we hav to admit its beyond our reach when nothing cant b done
we hav to bear the complications
and yes,we hav to face the truth.

dan kenape SY MALAS SGT NI? adoiiii

2) i might be in denial of certain things,but one thing i cant deny today...& I AM PROUD OF
Proud Of
..being A SHOPAHOLIC. #!#-juz bought 3 clothes from the same shop this evening!!! i am happy! ;)

ps:i dunno what i wan to say oso~gagaga


Monday, April 6, 2009

"Its steaming hot"

Dear Diary,

Plz tell me that its the weather. Or is it juz me???
I took a nap and when i got up,im sweating the whole body. *sigh sigh*
and i wandered in the room.....its still hot. i cant resist but to push my AC button,again. its so freaking hot.

This week i've found HOT stuffs on net. my eyes winkswinks!and im drooling~la la la. oh angel,i wish for a couple of shoes like diz ~ (mahu shopping di Spore!!!!!!arghhh.cpt2 la cuti~)

i wish for a winter season in india =)