Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"..coz im leaving on a jetplane..."

Dear Diary,
I'm leaving on a jetplane tonite.... spending the holiday in Egypt ;)
im flying flying~~~
will be back in a week. i c u soon.muaks!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Dear Diary,
Quoting from SATC-
"Life's too short. What are we doing?"
"I don't knoe....."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I can't afford a walk in least lemme giv u my tree house."

Dear Diary,
I juz bought a tree-hanger to put my bags ..and handbags. Finally. I always wanted to buy this but its so hard to find one,except the one in the Furniture Bazaar which is quite expensive (~RS1900 i think.).luckily i found one in a furniture shop yesterday,on my way back to my apartment. bought it for RS750 = i think its more than worth it! nw i can make more space for new clothes in my closet. ;) uhuh??

my 1st attempt to arrange the bags--
i named it --Bag-Tree-House. hohoho. it seems like a lil bit overcrowded,dun u think?
Align Center2nd attempt
3rd attempt
my 4th and last attempt--erk.stil full.but Okayyy~

Status: satisfied. =)

Song playing on iTunes now: In The Ayer-Florida

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"You're way too beautiful,boi"

Dear Diary,

I purposely (tanpa rase bersalahnye) bunk morning class today :P (muke jahat). got up at 8.30am,woke up by the incoming msg from my sis.
Sis: "im pregnant for 1 1/2 mths!!!"
(my second sister who was married in Jan)
i jumped out of the bed,and tersenyum sendiri~tersengih2 macam kerang busok.aha. i AM SOOO HAPPY that i cant feel my legs touching the ground! im gonna be Auntie in 8-months time!! (oh well...i am indeed a preexisting Untie having 2 hensem nephews who called me by the name "Kakak U",they refused to call me "Cik Su" tho.) haha. i'm young, i'm young!!
The first one (AQIF DANIAL) call me KAKAK U bcoz me and my First sis(aqif's mom) used to membahasakan ourselves "YOU" and "I". so, i guess, aqif overheard us,and since that he starts calling me KAKAK U! =) The second one (AFIQ IMRAN)...not yet able to call ppl's name,except words like air,air,air~haha.he always asking for water when eating his cute,and noty!
ok ok.goin back to my 2nd sis, i am happy for u!! cant wait to go back and c the change~ ;)
Meet Baby Afiq >>>>

and here's Aqif Danial.>>>

(similarities of all the above 3 pics : muka nakal gilerrr) hehe

like nephew like kakak U.mata kiri dua dua same sepet kan. =P

p/s: "All babies are cute."


Song on iTunes now:Smack That-Akon

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Holiday is no longer so-called holiday"

Dear Diary,
Tmrw is GoOd FriDay,which is supposed to be holiday.but not for a final yr student like me.
why cant life be any easier?


Song on iTunes now: Sexyback - Justin T.

"Yesterday was a cry,today was a smile"

Dear Diary,
1) i juz let myself cried out yesterday after watching an episode of Greys Anatomy.
the episode is sooo emotional.

we hav to make decisions
we hav to choose between choices
we hav to admit its beyond our reach when nothing cant b done
we hav to bear the complications
and yes,we hav to face the truth.

dan kenape SY MALAS SGT NI? adoiiii

2) i might be in denial of certain things,but one thing i cant deny today...& I AM PROUD OF
Proud Of
..being A SHOPAHOLIC. #!#-juz bought 3 clothes from the same shop this evening!!! i am happy! ;)

ps:i dunno what i wan to say oso~gagaga


Monday, April 6, 2009

"Its steaming hot"

Dear Diary,

Plz tell me that its the weather. Or is it juz me???
I took a nap and when i got up,im sweating the whole body. *sigh sigh*
and i wandered in the room.....its still hot. i cant resist but to push my AC button,again. its so freaking hot.

This week i've found HOT stuffs on net. my eyes winkswinks!and im drooling~la la la. oh angel,i wish for a couple of shoes like diz ~ (mahu shopping di Spore!!!!!!arghhh.cpt2 la cuti~)

i wish for a winter season in india =)


Friday, April 3, 2009

"Life is like the ruffles."

Dear Diary,

I juz wan to wish happy 24th birthday to Wendy cayang!!!!!
Wendy,u deserve it! (it = anything that u wish.....) ;)
Nade luv u! muaks!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Its the end of a new beginning...."

Dear Diary,
Sorry...was sooo much mengong rite nw.coz damnnn sleepy. i'll juz upload photos for today. less talking. These are some of the pics taken juz be4 end posting Paeds. ;)

"Congrates for kanak2 riang yg baru abes Paeds posting!!!!!!!!! its time for Orthos! blaja tulang pi.....huhu..."

ps:tonite is "hari alas tangan atas buku"lol

gudnite! tired.zzz....


Monday, March 30, 2009

"We jump,we laugh,we talk,we do wut a normal ppl does."

Dear Diary,

I was supposed to post this last 2 days. but hav been quite busy lately.

Recreate the scene, (Saturday)
SMS: "No afternoon class today."
its a big yayyyyyyyyyy for all of us!!!! bukan senang nk dapat half day on saturday!
No class means Hari Memanjekan Diri ;)

less talking today :P


"Ritual Day,jom!"

Dear Diary,
I'm off to bed now, 10min i think.and i hope. coz not yet fin studying for end posting.erghhhhh!!!! but i dun knw why,suddenly sumthing came in my mind. *tink tink* (idea pops!) how about a "ritual day" this weekends, a day which i havent done since long time ago. Ritual day sounds like too ~MuRdErY~...maybe i'll call it D-Day...or i shud find a better anonymous name for it later. i really need to buy lots n lots of candles. generous amount of snacks! and also ice cream maybe? hm.anything that wil boost up my mood! and maybe 1 or 2 R rated movie! wheee. hope im free this Sat nite.

shud i count u in?
nites moon. i'll c u,sunshine, tmrw..


Sunday, March 29, 2009

"U r delayed......clock is ticking. I'm here."

Dear Diary,

What am i doing now ---writing case sheet for Paediatrics End Posting tomorrow. I hav to present a case alongwith other 2 batchmates. Case: developmental delay.

Im supposed to present the history part...but the time taken to write the history is EQUAL to the time to write a FULL MEDICINE CASE (im guessing so.) hehh

Still writing the case sheet.......time is 10.07pm. oh,when am i going to read the rest of paed book?!
(evil mind: i wan to go to bed early tonite.and wake up in the morning and hoping tmrw's end posting will end fast....)

ps: tQ anne for the kaseh syg~ ;)


Songs on iTunes now: (no song!) conc!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

"Knock Knock! It's Saturday! Open Your Door...."

Dear Diary,
Im two hours away from Bed. I hardly read much topics for Neonatal ICU end posting tomorow. i so cant believe its already Saturday~its time. im so lazy to study!!!!! why its tmrw.can it ever be postponed to a LATER day? i am so not ready in which i shud be ready by tmrw!!!

i dun wan exam!!!



Song on iTunes now: T.I.featuring Rihanna - Live Your Life
(omg,dejavu related to my previous post) ;)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Im A Realist"

Dear Diary,
Someone "poked" me today for being too emotional in my posts. LOL.
salah kah saye meluahkan rase dgn jujurnye? hohoho baekla. take home message for me : jangan terlalu emo. live ur life happily ;)

i miss those moments~

ps: thanks for the apple pie!


Song on iTunes now: Shinedown - Second Chance

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"When u're alone....u're on ur own."

Dear Diary,
Walking back home in the middle of the nite,alone, doesnt sounds good at all. and for a moment i realized dat...when u're alone....u are on ur own.



Song on iTunes now : Let Me Fall - Bethany Joy Lenz

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"M for....."

Dear Diary,

I'm eating m&m's rite now.

What? Chocolate
Where? from nigiris
When? bought yesterday
Who? wif alia
Why? teringin makan m&m's tibe2.huhu
How? how what????

And it reminds me of cokelat di Malaysia........... (oh...shud write m = malaysia!)


Song on iTunes now: White Flag-Dido

"I browse too much...sigh...but yeay"

Dear Diary,
I blamed the afternoon class for finishing early today. It gave me enuf time to make luv wif my lappy. Straight from class...changed my clothes and sat in front of the screen. checked my email.....i dont check them regularly but when it reached almost 80,i am so disturbed thus there is an urge to open the mail. (im kind of irritated wif all those FB notifications.erghhhh). OK.calm down nade. deleted most of the emails...then came 1 email from ICICI bank--telling about special offers for online banking customers. hows tempting 4 me, dun u think? its related to this one local website. browse and browse and browse. tadhhhhaaaaa! got myself 2 stuffs from the website!!!! this is not my firstime buying things online.

Camera dslr ---> ebay
Tripod -------->some website online
Thumbdrive 4 GB-> ebay
Ext. hardisk --> ebay again!
5th Avenue Elizabeth Arden Perfume --> some website online
and etc etc etc.

(Can tell that im a fan of!! LOL.) and now... to-be-fan. lalala
The 2 items bought today were.................not telling nw.wait til it arrives. hopefully within this week........(hint: nothing interesting. sumthing medic.)

so nade,sile awasi ICICI anda!!
till then. (mahu ke dapor...dinner time! weee)


Monday, March 23, 2009

"I'm not good in telling lies"

Dear Diary,
Chatting with H was so much fun. I juz missing the things we used to do. (oookkay,saye sgt jujur)
Done talking! ;)

btw, who's H???


Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Losing a tooth for a point,is it worth it?"

Dear Diary,
i juz wan to share a laugh wif u tonite.

"For the first time ever in the history of survivor,a point was scored while losing a tooth." funny as it sounds,rite?! I just finished watching the latest episode of Survivor Season 18. where? Tocantins,Brazil. (ok....Tocantins...erk...macam name tempat kat China je.) In one scene, JT fall down to catch the ball,but failed. Worse is,he lost his tooth!!!! Oh my, the game is getting more rough and wild this time.At minute 27:18,i'm laughing out loud when Jeff said:
"Let's find the tooth, let's find the tooth"
Jeff + Survivor = U made my day!! ;)


Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Its Okay to treat urself,sumtimes."

Dear Diary,
Today was supposed to be holiday or so-called Shouting Day for all of us. but there was exception for final year students.(oh yes..thats me!!) College seems a lil bit quiet this afternoon.

why so seriouss....?

Anne and Vichu ;)

Afta class...Anne, Alia n Me went to the waffle-shop. (saye teringinnnnnn!)

......and I have to mention this worth-eating waffles! yummmY!!!!

ice blended coffee --wont miss item!

Anne,Alia and me doin little catch-up.

Where to next,gurls? winks winks. (shopping!!!!!)


Hello beautiful day!

Dear diary,

im so jobless n looking for a NEW space to write
i found that my previous blog is way toooo boring.say,the appearance and the innocent-looking-font. or the posts itself might b bored u enuf.
so,this is my very first one (post). welcoming me. hehe..