Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Its Okay to treat urself,sumtimes."

Dear Diary,
Today was supposed to be holiday or so-called Shouting Day for all of us. but there was exception for final year students.(oh yes..thats me!!) College seems a lil bit quiet this afternoon.

why so seriouss....?

Anne and Vichu ;)

Afta class...Anne, Alia n Me went to the waffle-shop. (saye teringinnnnnn!)

......and I have to mention this worth-eating waffles! yummmY!!!!

ice blended coffee --wont miss item!

Anne,Alia and me doin little catch-up.

Where to next,gurls? winks winks. (shopping!!!!!)



kenn said...

i like those waffles also!!
yummy kan??

NADE said...

iye!! sangat sedap
and oso,its the best way to pamper urself. ;)

alamak! tibe2 teringat kat brownies buatan kennok!!! sangatla yummy!!! mane bley lawan ini waffles. sedapnyeeee brownie kennok!!! (ps: mahu) hehe

Nina said...

Anjing tu mcm dh mati je. o_O
Yum~ waffles. NAK!
So, when I come to India, you can take me to the waffle shop. Lalala~

Final year eh? GOOD LUCK!!! XD

wendy said...

oh i like that waffle too.
but v long time din go d.
miss it...

kenn said...

skrg tgh on leave from brownie making..eheheh..nnt2 kay!

NADE said...

sure nina!! come la come!!!
ei...i really hoping to visit n jalan2 at ur place la!!! but how? when?? shud i???
(da tanye emak..kasi hint2. ckp kat mak nk g sane sorg2...tros NOOO!!!!) hahahaa

NADE said...

wendy, jom ke waffle shop a.k.a SAIBA!! hehe
omg......tibe2 i teringin! oh no!
gulp (telan air liur)

NADE said...

nati da on balik...calling2 la k,kennok.hiks ;)